Father’s Love

Today (Thursday), Jesus teaches us how to pray, specifically he provides the words to the most familiar prayer in all the world, “The Our Father,” or the Lord’s Prayer. Everything we need to know about prayer is contained in the Lord’s Prayer. Trusting the Father’s will, asking for daily help, and seeking the forgiveness of sins are all the essentials of prayer.

Before the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus says, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him (Mt. 6:8).” As I began praying with this today, my thoughts immediately went to my own father, my earthly father. With Fathers’ Day around the corner, and knowing I have not purchased a gift, nor a card, I wondered what to do. Then I remembered his love for me, along with a couple of times I have not felt so loved. Did my dad know what I needed? Then it dawned on me: whatever I have thought I needed, or even think now, what I always need is my father’s love. And more to the point, my Father’s love. My earthly father has loved me from the beginning and has done his best to share God’s love with me as well. Yet we all know, there is no way our earthly father can give us all the love we need. Yet our earthly father can prepare us to seek the Father’s love. It is our Father in heaven who knows what we need; and we always need our Father’s love, the Holy Spirit, revealed in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

So let us be grateful to our fathers on this coming Fathers’ Day; and let us forgive our fathers, letting go of any resentments which may be whispering still in our hearts. And let us open our hearts to the love of our heavenly Father who remains faithful in every moment of our life journey.

We will not continue our Eucharistic procession tomorrow due to a scheduling conflict with a wedding rehearsal; we will be back on June 26. God bless you all as we prepare to celebrate the beautiful Feasts of the Sacred heart of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of Mary on Friday and Saturday.

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