Perseverance in Prayer

As we move into our second Sunday without the Eucharist and into our second week of “stay at home,” it is very important for us to persevere in prayer. I have found myself trying to look out to the horizon, wondering, “when will this end.” That line of thinking has not been helpful to me. What has been helpful to me is remaining faithful to a rhythm of prayer that engages me morning noon and night. Then, through intentional connection with family and dear friends, mostly by text, I can fill much of my day with thoughts and feelings grounded in my relationship with God and my relationships with God’s children. That leaves less time and space for falling into the many rabbit holes which tempt me most days (cable news, chocolate, negative thoughts, etc…). So let us lift one another in prayer and persevere in sustaining the relationships which matter most.

We will continue our prayerful procession with the blessed Sacrament tomorrow, Friday, at 6:00 pm. We are careful to observe the six foot social distancing and the walk through the neighborhood lasts one hour. Our route tomorrow will be the “The Wedge.” We will begin by walking south on Adkins, then west on Schiller, then south on Morgan Ford, then west on Bates, then north on Gravois, east on Gertrude, north on Morgan Ford, west on Freida, north on Gravois, east on Eichelberger, north on Morgan Ford, west on what’s left of Walsh, then north on Gravois, east on Delor to the Grotto . You are welcome to join us for the whole Rosary (all 20 mysteries), for a decad or two, a block or two or simply to step out on your porch and pray as we pass by. This is a way for us to be a Eucharistic people even as we fast from the Eucharist. We know our life is in Christ and nothing in this world can separate us from the love of God poured out in Christ Jesus. On Sunday, at 9:00 am, we will gather at the Flag Pole in Tower Grove Park and process through the northern parts of the parish, beginning south on Gustine.

We are praying for everyone affected by the spread of the new coronavirus and Covid-19. I ask your prayers specifically for my sister, Patty Cormack, who is a critical care nurse in New York City. She is actually leading a team in Tech company designing tracking software to provide real time diagnostics and care plans for health care workers and patients who may have Covid-19. I do not understand the complexities of the technology, but I know patty is saving lives on the front lines of the pandemic. And I know that many of you are reaching beyond yourselves to care for your brothers and sisters, even if from a distance. Let us continue in love for one another. “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”

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