Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting minutes from September 16, 2020

St. John the Baptist Parish Council Minutes
September 16, 2020

In Attendance:  Fr. Mitchell Doyen, Rosemarie Schelling, Kathleen Anger, Michelle Boehne, Deacon Dana Engelhardt, Marion Erwin, Donna Hawkins, Elizabeth Matoushek, William St. Clair, Barbara Unger.

Absent:  Joan Lopez – Medical.

Opening Prayer:  Kathy led the opening prayer.

Approval of Minutes:  Approved, with minor corrections.

Committee Reports

Liturgy:  Next monthly meeting is next Monday night.  Barb said the Eucharistic Ministers had been called individually to assess their willingness to continue to serve during the pandemic.  The church is being cleaned on Saturdays.  Perpetual Help devotions are after morning Mass on Tuesdays, and First Friday devotions are being held again.   Barb also reported 8 women are signed up to go on retreat at King’s House, 6 this weekend and 2 next weekend.  Fr. Mitch said he would try to join the retreatants for both Friday night dinners.

Finance:  Next monthly meeting is next Wednesday.  Donna mentioned a garbage truck hit a pillar and caused $350 worth of damage.

Buildings:  Meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  Two more new awnings have been installed, over the south door to the rectory and over the door to the adoration chapel.  Also there may be mold on the bricks inside the east door to the church. 

Saint Vincent de Paul:  Bill reported 3 neighbors were assisted with their gas bill and 12 with their electric bill.

Parish Missionary Disciples:  Rosemarie reported there have been 12 responses to the call for Spiritual Block Captains (8 positive, 3 negative, and 1 maybe).  We are still hoping to get responses from the other 90 invitees.


St. Francois Community:  Rosemarie said there was nothing to report.

Billiken Teacher Corps:  Joan was absent, so there was no report from her.  However, Fr Mitch said he is having in-person meetings with the students on Sundays after Mass.

PSR:  Fr. Mitch reported 10 more families have signed up, for a total of 60 students.  This is about half the usual number of students.

Pastor’s Report

Fr. Mitch was pleased with the turnout for the special evening Mass on September 9 for peace.  He hopes we can sustain meaningful action and dialogue on social and racial justice.  In a related matter, Fr. Mitch said Pope Francis is expected to sign his encyclical, “Fratelli Tutti, on Fraternity and Social Friendship” on October 4th, the feast of St. Francis, in Assisi.  Father plans to tell us more about the encyclical at future meetings.

Old Business

Block Captain Training Day:  On Saturday, October 17, 2020, from 8 am Mass to noon.  One topic to be discussed is the job description for Block Captains, which is being developed by the Parish Missionary Disciples group.

Election of Officers:  Marion volunteered to be the Secretary, and Rosemarie agreed to continue as the President.

New Business

Lumen Gentium:  “How are you bringing the lumens to the gentes?“  One possibility is to engage through Bishop Barron’s Hearts on Fire program.  Further discussion was tabled for now.

Public Relations (PR):  “Who works with PR?”  One example may be parishioner Jen Herbert (for T-shirts).  Someone mentioned we have maybe a hundred pens.  Other possibilities include cups, and window decals/clings.  There may be a sign company at Bayless and Morganford we could contact, as well as on-line companies.

Suggestion Box:  Due to the pandemic, the boxes have been removed.  Rosemarie said she had not heard anything “from the pews,” so there was nothing to report.

Closing Prayer:  Michelle read a prayer from Deacon Dana’s installation ceremony. 

Refreshments:  Elizabeth brought eclairs for all to enjoy.

Next Meeting October 21, 2020.

Opening Prayer:  Rosemarie

Closing Prayer:  Donna

Refreshments:  Barb